My Story

The Early Years

Growing up as an only child and losing my mother at an early age sent my life on a trajectory from what was expected, to learning and seeking ongoing personal development to support myself, as well as to help others in the world.

My parents raised me in a small town 25 miles west of Boston in the late 50’s. As I got older, I became more aware of my mother’s self-medicating with alcohol. Life felt more like walking on eggshells and I learned how to not rock the boat and to keep others happy. 

My Dad also helped me to learn how to keep the peace. At 16, my mother passed away. This was a critical time in a young girl’s life. My grandmother, my dad’s mom, was very supportive and helped me manage the loss. I would go visit her and help her manage a huge garden. At the time, weeding, picking blueberries and blackberries, helped me love the outdoors and feel a sense of peace and accomplishment. Over the years I used to have gardens and now rely more on the farmers’ market for my fresh fruit and veggies.

During my youth, I belonged to the local CYO Band. The last three years of which I was in the role of captain of the color guard. Learning how to bring a team together was the foundation of building my leadership skills.

Reading was difficult for me in elementary school. In hindsight, I believe it was rooted in being afraid to speak up and be seen. Many of these character traits I carried into adulthood learning that some of these traits were not serving me well. 

As a result of my life’s experiences, I went on a quest of personal development leading me into teaching, administration and consulting to becoming a certified professional coach and life mastery consultant.

As a single parent, I sometimes felt the need to compensate for what was missing for my son. I can relate to the mom who is trying to do it all, like a house of cards, they all fall and you are left with regrouping and thinking differently about your life.

I often think of the airplane story, put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before you offer it to anyone else. They say that for a reason. We often don’t listen and get burned out at work, in our relationships, get sick more often and happiness is a feeling that becomes elusive.

For over a decade, I’ve been on a mission to help women choose a more positive path.

My Interests

I love to travel, meet new people and see new places both within and outside of the United States. There are many favorite trips from taking a train ride through Alaska, to a cruise down the Danube and seeing the city of lights in Budapest. I enjoy the outdoors, kayaking, walking, hiking, dancing and gardening.

Learning a second language was a dream of mine by participating in Amerispan, an Immersion Program that offers experiences across the globe. Mine was a three-week immersion in Barcelona, Spain. It was amazing! I will say as we started to conjugate verbs I was ready to come home.

QIGong, yoga and journal writing help me to feel more peaceful.
Currently, I am working on a book for women about the The Art of Being Nice impacts our lives and our ability to speak our truth,

I love spending time vacationing on Cape Cod in the summer and meeting new people in other countries. One of my next adventures will be in Costa Rica with the sea turtles.

Volunteer Work

I serve as vice-president on the Board of STRIDE Adaptive Sports designed to provide free and adaptive sports programs to children with disabilities.

This is important to me that all children have access and not be denied opportunities to children who have intellectual impairments and physical challenges.

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