Setting Boundaries


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3 -Part Series – Setting boundaries will provide greater happiness and freedom.


Session 1- “Self-Care-Setting Healthy Boundaries for YOU.”

  • Self-Care is the key to your happiness and freedom.
  • What did self-care look like growing up? Did you find yourself busy taking care of or trying to please others?
  • How forgiving and self-acceptance empowers you.
  • Discover new ways that will keep you feeling more vibrant and in control of your life by clearly defining what is important to you.

Tuesday, October 5th @ 7:00-8:30PM EDT; 6:00 -7:30PM CDT 


Session 2- “Being with Your Significant Other and Family – Applying Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationships”

  • Clearly establish non-negotiables in your relationships. Creating greater love, understanding and communication for all loved ones.
  • Being truthful opens you for greater love and appreciation for yourself and others.
  • Teaching loved ones how to treat us.

Tuesday, October 12th @7:00-8:30PM EDT; 6:00-7:30PM CDT 


Session 3 – “Communicating with Friends and Co-Workers – Having Healthy Boundaries.

  • Being authentic with who you are, not over compensating or giving your power away.
  • Being Kind versus Nice. How does that look in your relationships?
  • Staying anchored in heart-felt communication.

Tuesday, October 19th@7:00-8:30PM EST; 6:00 -7:30PM CDT


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