Winter 2023 Women’s Circle, Happy From the Inside Out, Starts January 25, 2023

Diane Albano

Own Your Voice for Greater Fulfillment

Diane Albano

Own Your Voice for Greater Fulfillment

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Auto Correct Relationships Book Cover

Download: How to Auto-Correct the 3 Most Important Relationships in Your Life

Learn how to authentically manage the 3 most critical relationships in our lives by giving a voice to what we’re historically trained to hold back.

How might it look and feel as you stand confidently in your professional and personal life, and experience greater fulfillment?

Taking action is your best option!

The hardest part is making the decision to say “yes” to you. If you are willing to change some of those habits and patterns of behavior that no longer serve you to create personal goals and a vision for your health and wellness, career, relationships, financial freedom, and time, then it’s time to say “yes” to you.

“Life is too short. Step up to the plate and play big in the game of life.”

Are you committed to having transformational results in your personal or professional relationships?


Are you letting your circumstances, age or money limit the options in your life? Many women are simply striving to be heard or to feel fulfilled again.


Achieving greater happiness comes when you open your mind to changing your perspective and lifelong ingrained patterns that no longer serve you – thereby living from the inside out.


Diane shares genuine, heartfelt stories using humor and gratitude. Her passion and inspiration have been proven to help people achieve extraordinary results.

Meet Diane

Since 2009, I have been partnering with individuals and women’s groups who want to make changes in their lives that will give them greater confidence, create healthier boundaries in their lives with family, friends and co-workers.

The focus of my coaching practice is to promote your health and wellness, improve relationships at home and at work, and for you to have the time, money and freedom to live a life you love.

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The Art of Being Nice Book by Diane Albano, Ed.D. Life Coach

The Art of Being Nice: Own Your Voice for Greater Fulfillment

This is a book designed to serve as a way for people to read how “being nice” has impacted my life and the lives of others. It is my hope that by reading others’ stories that you will identify with these stories and learn the tools that you need to change the narrative in your own life.

This book serves as a reflection journal for the reader, with suggested strategies to use to create the happiness and results that you most desire.

"The Art of Being Nice offers moving stories about the pitfalls of ‘being nice’ and practical strategies for more empowered living. In this book, you’re invited to break free from old patterns and create new behaviors that will inevitably lead to greater fulfillment in life."