Winter 2023 Women’s Circle, Happy From the Inside Out, Starts January 25, 2023

Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching

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Are you letting your circumstances, age or money limit the options in your life.

Many women are simply striving to be heard or to feel fulfilled again.  You may have become wrapped up in the whirlwind of taking care of your family or work and that can feel overwhelming.

Think about all of the layers that women face; multi-tasking as employees, wives, moms, daughters, co-workers, neighbors, going to school to further your skills or working two jobs.

Perhaps you’re retired or thinking about retirement and wondering if there’s anything left? There may be a burning desire to accomplish a life-long goal you set for yourself years ago but has long been forgotten. What if you allowed yourself to think about it again – and this time, make it happen? This can feel daunting, scary, exciting or all of the above.

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What if you could have better health and wellness? More satisfying relationships, a job where you feel satisfied and valued, and have greater time and money freedom?

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Regardless of your intentions, a coach can help you clarify and identify the gap between your longing and discontents.

However, you can manifest anything you desire when you learn some simple steps and get the support you need to help you uncover where you’re stuck and identify the actions and mindset needed to move toward your goal.

Coaching in the Major Areas of Your Life

A coach’s role is to be confidential, non-judgmental, a reflective listener, empathetic, creative, engaging, authentic and have the ability to lovingly challenge you to consider a different perspective as you make transitions in your life that give you a life you love!

Client Results After Working With Me

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Coaching Programs & Options

Dream Building

This program is designed for those individuals who have made a decision they want to have greater happiness and fulfillment in their professional and or personal life. You will receive coaching support and strategies taking action on your desired results.

Prosperity and

This program is designed to focus on raising the consciousness of abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life. A full spectrum approach to abundance and gratitude will expand your money mindset. You will receive coaching support and strategies for action steps for greater satisfaction and freedom.

Far Greater Than
Your Circumstances

This program is designed for those individuals that are feeling depressed or stuck in their current life situation and may often times not know what actions to take. You will receive support and strategies to set a plan in action with ongoing coaching supports.

Working With the

This program is designed to help you to stay anchored into your heart versus mostly responding from your mind. Using spiritual principles you will have greater opportunities to live life with a greater sense of freedom and aliveness in all areas of your life.

Individual Coaching: 3 Months | Group Coaching: 4-12 Weeks | VIP Program: 1 Year

Focus on yourself. Work through feelings of doubt and selfishness.
Do the important work and get the strategies and confidence you need for a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

My promise is to listen carefully and let you know if we are a match. It’s that simple.
There is no hard selling…ever.

Interested in Leadership Coaching

As a certified professional coach, leadership coaching for leaders may be integrated into the delivery of the agreed upon identified scope of work. This is specifically designed to support the individuals responsible for the identified goals designed to impact school turn around for greater student achievement and success for all.

Recent research suggests the type of professional development with the most impact on student learning is one-one coaching.

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As a partnership:

Activities and strategies may include and are not limited to: