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Being a Leader in Your Own Life


We are all leaders of our own lives. There is a leader in everyone. Take a moment to think about these statements. Do you believe you lead your own life? Do you believe you are responsible for your choices?

My immediate thoughts focused as it related to my position at work. Having job responsibilities for being one of the leaders, I dismissed expanding the thought to include my job and responsibility for taking care of me. Upon reflection, I began to see this in a broader perspective that moved me beyond the physical reality to something more powerful. As a young child, many of us were leaders in class to line up for school lunch or to go out to recess. As a teenager, I remember being captain of the color guard, and having a lead role in the senior class play in high school. Yet, being a leader in the outside world beyond my day to day existence, I saw to be very different.

It makes sense that if I am responsible for my own life then I would be the leader. Taking the step to lead or command myself and often others. Jeff Bridges, an actor for over sixty years, delivered a speech at the 2019 Golden Globes. He told the story of going in to speak to his Director saying he just “wasn’t feeling it” the part and wanted to bow out, when he was told” tag you are it.”. My interpretation is we when we take responsibility to lead ourselves and change out attitudes and beliefs, we in turn we have an impact to change the world.

Circumstances Leading Me

Consider, are you letting circumstances lead you? There was a time in my life when I allowed my life’s problems and circumstances to lead me be in reaction mode, always trying to anticipate what was next or worry about it. My pattern up until then was to spent a lot of my time focusing and living life as if the circumstances of life were greater than myself. Staying afloat trying to find more in family relationships and work, desiring more time, money and freedom. In my opinion things weren’t really bad, they just were not as fulfilling as I wanted them. I had become caught up in the routine of the day, the week, the years. All creating and serving as a distraction from believing and taking care of me.

Having a coach can help you to identify what limiting beliefs hold you from your goals and having the results align with leading a life you love. In the coaching partnership it is confidential, and you are supported and held accountable to navigate the waters needed to make the life changes by focusing on your thoughts and actions that provide you with greater freedom and fulfillment which allows you to open to your most heartfelt desires and goals.

Reflection Question: Where in your life are you letting circumstances lead you? Are you willing to be responsible to lead with confidence and commitment?


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