Rocking the Boat

Rocking the Boat:
How to Set Boundaries for Yourself
and Rock the Boat

Do  you find yourself agreeing with others, such as loved ones or friends just to keep the peace?

Have you ever said “yes” when you really wanted to say “no”?

If you you answered yes to either one of those questions …..It is time for you to make some big waves and ” rock the boat”!

There is no better time than NOW.

It is natural to rock a baby or a young child in our arms, they feel safe, nurtured and loved.

Yet, as adults, I have noticed  sometimes when it’s time to speak up  for what we really want , voice a different perspective, we feel uncomfortable, hesitant or afraid to rock the status quo of responses.

Have you chosen to play it safe, to please or to avoid the conflict that the conversation may bring about beyond your comfort zone?

As mentioned in my book, The Art of Being Nice”, I spent decades working hard, trying take care of others and not wanting to  speak up for myself  or rock the boat.

This past year we all have learned that being authentic and true to ourselves and with our  family and friends is the most important gift we can give to ourselves and others.

Have you ignored your own needs? What is keeping you from talking that leap to ask for what you need?

This is the big wave I was talking about earlier. Rock the boat, face your doubts and  fears. These are only thoughts that we have held on for so long we believe them to be true.

You may know of someone that expects others to ” just know” what they need , their perception is that it is obvious. Yet , we know that our way of showing love and attention to someone, does not mean it looks the same in return. We make life so complicated!

Nancy Levin, author of “Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free”, clearly states; ” the underlying commitments we make to ourselves as children are carried into our adult lives and we think our beliefs make us behave a certain way.” Some use boundaries to protect themselves from being hurt, so they offer ultimatums hiding feelings or avoiding relationships. Others have learned to use boundaries  in a healthy way to nurture and love ourselves and to help others to do the same.

It is time for a reset!  Rock Your Boat!

Lighten up, be clear as to how you want to be treated, respected and loved. This means how you treat yourself as well as how you want others to treat you.

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